Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lucy the Wonder Dane

Lucy is a 14 month old, floppy eared, Mantle Great Dane. She was welcomed in to our family in Feburary 2010 after we lost our first Dane to cancer. Our family was very lonely without the pitter patter of little Great Dane feet around the house.

Little did we remember of the puppy stage as Gordon (our Dane who sits in heaven watching the antics) was a fabulous couch potato for the previous 8 years.

Lucy came into our home and became quite busy figuring out her place in the pack. She is aware that my husband and I are in charge, and feels that the kids are fabulous litter mates that she herds,nibbles and plays with.

The night of her first birthday my husband and I sat in quiet conversation as I said to him, "Ya know, last year at this time, Lucy was the size of her head." We both laughed a little, as she is now about 130 pounds, because she was the size of her head a year ago!

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  1. you meant the little pitter patter of Big feet right! So is Lucy calming down now, that she is 130 pounds? my friend with the great date shorty is moving, they never got to play! :( how sad.